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A very warm welcome and hello on Practical Happiness, a blog with new ideas, habits, research and much more on topics that inspire you to lead a more balanced happier life. My name is Anna, I’m the blog author and I simply can’t wait to share all the latest research, tips and tricks related to one big topic: happiness. Happiness is without a doubt an overwhelmingly vast, broad subject and my aim is to break it down to small, bitesized subjects to help you get closer to an ideal, more positive and happier place in your lives. Practical Happiness is all about the balance between the mind, body, soul and purpose and I’ll be sharing latest research on positive psychology, productivity hacks,mindfulness, physical and emotional wellbeing tips.

How did it all start?

Not so long ago I was having it real rough in life. Nothing seemed to be working out; my career hit a dead end, I was in a job that did not suit me, a very close family member was very ill, I was single and it seemed that I had no friends, I felt isolated and I struggled to find any reason to live for. The struggle was real and raw, I was in a truly unhappy place. I contemplated ending my life but I felt my family could not cope with an another tragedy. I felt trapped in a life that I did not recognise, I felt such sorrow over lost opportunities that it seemed my whole life was made of. It really felt like I had no options.

The only thing that kept me going was a random holiday that I booked for myself to the island of Zanzibar in Africa. I wanted to get away from it all and driven by my desperation, I booked a ticket over Christmas to get away from all the cheer and merriness that I could not relate no matter how hard I tried. I went alone, beaten, scared of life, feeling utterly miserable and pathetic. But in the sun, during long walks on the white sand and surrounded by almost unrealistically turquoise blue waters, something happened. It was a switch in my mindset, almost like the sun I as a person who’s living in every-grey London in the United Kingdom, craved so much all year, shone a light on things and put them in an utterly different perspective. I realised something very important. I realised that I was lacking purpose and I had been sabotaging my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. I realised there and then, on the beach of a tiny village called Nungwi in the north of Zanzibar, that my happiness depended on four key things: mental focus, emotional connections with myself and others, physical wellbeing by exercising and healthy living and the last key element, purpose – channelling my creative energy into something important that is bigger than me.

Following this realisation, I knew what I need to do: take action. My mission was to find the best practices, exercises, habits, routines that help me keeping the balance between the four key elements of happiness – the mind, the body, the soul and purpose. I knew I had to create a framework, an easy, personalised, step-by-step guide to follow every day for the rest of my life in order to keep a balanced, well-rounded and overall happier life.

This blog is a key part of this journey and I am happy to share it with you all.


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